BREAK! project's final event

8th July 2019

On Thursday the 27th of June, BREAK! project's final event took place at the Club of Different Rooms in Tallinn. The project was concluded, lessons that were learned were talked about and it was discussed how it was achieved and what comes next.

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Invitation to BREAK! project's final event

14th June 2019

Everyone interested is welcomed to join the BREAK! project's team on 27th of June 2019 from 15.00-17.00 at the project's final event, which will take place at Telliskivi's Creative City at Erinevate Tubade Klubi (Telliskivi 60-A1-65, Tallinn). 

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"Wny Not?!" at Kroonika's Entertainment Awards Gala 2019

5th May 2019

At this years Kroonika's Entertainment Awards Gala both "Why Not?!" as well as Pirte Laura Lember, Anna in the TV-series, were nominated.

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Trainings in Lithuania: challenging gender stereotypes

3rd June 2019

Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson in Lithuania organised trainings for teachers and career counsellors to enable them to challenge gender stereotypes in education and vocational guidance.

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"Why Not?!" is hitting estonian tv-screens again!

30th May 2019

As of today, 30th of May, "Why Not?!" airs again on Estonian TV-channel ETV.  Turn on your TV's every Thursday at 20pm!

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Radio show called "Allskyns" is airing in Iceland!

23rd May 2019

Part of the BREAK! project a radio show called "Allskyns", which is airing in Iceland. Hosted by Guðmundur Felixson and Hafdís Helga Helgadóttir, this 10-episode series in Icelandic takes a look at all kinds of jobs, what they are like and whether gender is important aspect of the job or not. 

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"WHY NOT?!" at Input 2019

15th May 2019

"Why Not?!” was shown in a worldwide TV conference named Input 2019 that took place in Bangkok on 6-10 May.

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Equality conference in Iceland

15th May 2019

 The Directorate of Equality‘s conference on the elimination of gender stereotypes in school activities took place on May 9th. There  were many participants across Iceland, as school administrators, teachers, study counselors and recreational and preventive representatives from all levels of school attended the conference.

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Research carried out in Lithuania

5th May 2019

Research carried out in Lithuanian educational system analysed 32 pieces of educational material for 13-14 old pupils (6-7th grade).

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"Why not?!" has been nominated in "TV-series" category

3rd May 2019

Once again we have great news! "Why Not?!" has been nominated by the Estonian Entertainment Awards as the best TV-show.

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"Why not?!" hit Lithuanian television screens

25th April 2019

 We have exciting news! On 10th of April "Why not?!" finally hit Lithuanian television screens. Let`s keep our fingers crossed and hope that our series will touch as many hearts as it did in Estonia!

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2nd April 2019

Today, on the 2nd of April, the photo exhibition on stereotypical beliefs moved from T1 Mall of Tallinn to TalTech. Go and check it out!

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MIKS mitte?! - best tv-script of 2019

1st April 2019

The 1st of April brought BREAK! project's team pleasant news! "Miks Mitte?!"'s script, written by Martin Algus, was chosen as the best script of a TV series in 2019. The jury described Martin, as being master in creating characters and being able to picture youngster's problems enthusiastically and therefore engaging young viewers.

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14th March 2019

As of today, 14th of March, the photo exhibition on stereotypical beliefs can be found from T1 Mall of Tallinn.

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Do, did, done: trainings in estonia

13th March 2019

 All in all, 6 trainings trainings for teachers and career counsellors took place in Estonia:

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MIKS MITTE?! nominated as best script by EFTA

12th March 2019

The TV series “Why NOT?!" that was produced as part of the BREAK! project is not successful just abroad, but at home in Estonia as well! Namely, Martin Algus, who wrote "Why Not?!"s script, has been nominated with "Why Not?!"s script as the best scriptwriter for the Estonian Film-and Television Awards (Eesti Filmi- ja Teleauhinnad, EFTA). Congratulations!

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Trainings in Estonia are in full swing

21st February 2019

Trainings for teachers and career counsellors in Estonia are in full swing! Feedback to the trainings has been very positive, both the trainers as well as the trainees have thoroughly enjoyed the events. Discussions that have taken place have been very inspiring and encouraging. 

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WHY NOT?! on INPUT 2019 Television Conference’s program

14th February 2019

We are delighted to announce, that Miks Mitte?!, Why Not?!, has been chosen for the INPUT 2019 Television Conference’s  program. This is the second time for an Estonian TV show to be chosen for the Television Conference’s program.

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9th February 2019

On 8th of February, Maria Tiidus, BREAK!'s project manager, was a guest in Estonian radio Vikerraadio's radioshow "Huvitaja". She introduced project BREAK! and the trainings for teachers and career counsellors, that will take place in February and March 2019.

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6th February 2019

On 7th of February at 12.10 in the afternoon, Jelizaveta Dulberg will give an interview in Radio 4's radioshow  "Üksikasjad" - "Podrobnosti". Jelizaveta Dulberg will talk about project BREAK! and about the upcoming trainings for teachers and career counsellors, that will take place in February and March 2019. Jelizaveta Dulberg is an advisor and gestal therapist, who will be one of the expert conducting the coming trainings.

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Trainings in estonia will start next week

5th February 2019

Trainings for teachers and career counsellors will start in Estonia already next week! First training session in Estonian will take place of 11th of February 2019 at Tartu's Universiy, first training session in Russian will take place on 12th of February at Jõhvi's Concert Hall. There are still a few free spots!

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Introducing project BREAK! in Paris

25th January 2019

Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner Liisa Pakosta and project BREAK! manager Maria Tiidus introduced project BREAK! on 21st of January 2019 in Paris on the first meeting of the informal network of gender advisory equality bodies.

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Super successful county visits in Estonia!

21st January 2019

In the end of 2018 we visited one school in every Estonian county. This means that all in all we visited 15 different schools to introduced BREAK! project to youngsters. Approximately 100 students were in the audience at every event, as a record, 240 students took part of our event in Kuressaare.

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Happy holidays!

21st December 2018

Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner and project BREAK! team wishes happy holidays and freedom of choices!

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12th February 2019

As of today, 12th of Feburary, the photo exhibition on stereotypical beliefs can be found from Arsenal keskus, Tallinn. 

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DEBATE: Is it women's free choice to have lower wage?

1st December 2018

On 3d of December 2018 at 15.00 a debate will be held in Tallinn's English College. College students are debating with Estonian politicians, whether it is women's free choice to have lower wage than men. 

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