"Why Not?!" with its 10 episodes tells the story of an 18-year old Anna, who is about to graduate high school and wants to become a famous rapper. However, she is a real nerd and not to mention – she stutters. Everybody expects her to go to university and study something serious. Even Anna herself senses that her dream is not achievable, until one day when everything changes. 

After his friend’s heart attack Anna’s father Martin decides to quit his lifelong job as a CEO and start chasing his dream – to become a fashion designer. This turn of events gives Anna courage to start moving towards her goal. She starts by deciding to take part of a rap battle organized by a hip-hop star Genka. The main prize is a record deal and everlasting glory. Oh yes, and at the same time Anna has to deal with mean classmates and her first love and, well… her first job as a dishwasher on a night shift in a restaurant. All of that next to troubles with Anna’s older brother Gustav, who unwillingly has become part of dangerous gang. Life is not made easier by her naughty grandfather Otto and her overly tense mother.

Graduating high school, reckless adventures, fights, music, first real decisions, first love, dreams of youngsters – that is exactly what “Why Not?!” is about.



Pirte Laura Lember


Maarja Jakobson


Indrek Taalmaa


Lauri Nebel


Sten Jõgi

Brother Kustav

Neiron Seire

Brother Jaan

Emma Tross

Classmate and best friend Liis

Risto Kuuskla

Classmate Keido

Oliver-Marcus Reimann

Classmate Vadim

Mauri Liiv

Classmate Marko

Melissa Mariel Korjus

Classmate Carmen

Elis Liblik

Classmate Stella

Helena Tõnisma

Classmate Birgit

Grete Klein

Waitress at the restaurant

Ivo Reinok

Cook at the restaurant

Henry Kõrvits


Ott Kiivikas

Dad’s friend

Riho Kütsar

Dad’s friend

Janek Joost

Mom’s boss

Külliki Saldre


Ragne Pekarev


Aarne Soro

Security man

Tarvo Vridolin

Manager at the restaurant

Viire Valdma

Manager at the store

Mari Abel

Math’s teacher